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Your digital jewels for eternity
Digital jewel

The future of

the jewelry

In just three steps, upload a pic special for you and transform the pic in a silver jewel. Your jewel will represent a unique crypto code attached to your picture like the one in the photo.

Example of one of the Crypto jewels manufactured

Material: Sterling silver polished Size: 14.7 × 20 × 5.3 mm (0.58x0.79x0.21inches), Mounted on a ring
Digital jewel

The Galvany's Digital Jewels are unique silver figures. They represent the digital code of a digital photo or picture special for you. This code is unique, and the silver figure can be read to show that it's linked to the digital file (instructions for reading it will be provided). There won't be two same figures, just yours. It's something special that links you to a good record or file in the digital world. It could be the first photo you took together, your first voice message in WhatsApp or something that represents your family as the picture of the whole family together. The code is based on a famous crypto algorithm globally known and very extended in the digital world. The way the figure is shaped and configured is registered and owned by Digital Anchorage. We are selling only the figure showed over the ring so you can adapt it to a ring, a bracelet, collar... whatever you wish so you feel comfortable wearing this unique jewel. This a very valuable product as there is only one of its kind. We are pleased to provide you with a quality product for life.

Digital jewel

Galvany's quality

This digital jewels are an asset for life. It's something special that links you to a good memory or file in the digital world.


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Step one: Upload your picture

For example make your digital jewel from a drawing picture you love, or a photo of a special place for you